Holi Heads

Holi, the Indian festival of colours, marks the onset of summer - a time of warmth and sunshine after winter's chill. The festival has both followers and detractors, each having their personal reasons for a love/hate relationship with all the revelry.

I celebrated Holi - the traditional way with colours, water, gujiyas and samosas - for the first time in 20-odd years. Pushed to be less of a spectator and more a participant, I roped in my friends to happily participate in a photo series idea where I wanted to create focussed images apart from record shots of the event. Consider this a campaign shoot for Holi.

Shot on a simple Canon G16, these energetic portraits made at the gathering offer a split-second glimpse of each individual’s reluctance, joy, acceptance, hesitation and happiness associated with Holi revelry. Can you spot the Holi veterans and the novices here?

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