Things Corporate Photography Says About Your Brand

Corporate photography in India has slowly been rising to the forefront over the last two decades. Businesses are now realising the value of high quality brand communication materials. Photography featuring real people to tell stories of their industry is a game changer (and a needed break) compared to stock photos that normally adorn the websites and printed materials of companies.

As a working corporate photographer in India, it’s funny and tragic to often see some examples (or its derivatives) still in use. Especially when the company is based in India but all the pictures on their website shows only foreigners working.😄

I’ll elaborate on the value of great corporate photographs in later posts. But as a visual person, it’s better to let the pictures do the talking. 

Reflect on how premium visuals - made at home - drive home the points that set a business apart from their competitors.

Notice how the pictures cleanly depict themes such as diversity, focus, energy, workspace, expert mentorship, collaboration etc.

Through these photos, corporate work enforces that it isn’t about just giving jobs to people but also providing an improved lifestyle and positive nuclei for ideas and talents. They help set the tone that a business or brand has ascended to become an indispensable part of the community and society where they operate.

This was all done on location. With real employees and people. It’s tailor-made.

I work with brands, agencies and businesses looking for a reliable corporate photographer in India. Over 15 years of work experience in commercial and editorial photography helps me provide the best of both worlds in crisp visual language. We do this as a lean team so we keep our footprint low in a live environment.

I and my team specialise in branding campaigns, corporate image libraries, mid to large-sized events, team corporate headshots and custom portraits. Share your project requirements and let’s take it from there! Get in touch.

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